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What will you do with Jesus?

As we near Easter Sunday I want to talk about someone who played a very prominent role in the Crucifixion story.

His name was Pontius Pilate, and Matthew 27:11-25 tells us a lot about this Roman governor who oversaw the trial of Christ.

He talked to Jesus directly, he evaluated Him, and yet couldn’t bring himself to make a decision about what to do with Christ.

Pilate said to them, ‘what then shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?’ They said to him , ‘Let Him be crucified!’”

Matthew 27:22

We see three major things Pilate did.

First, He rejected Jesus’ confession of exactly who He was- the long awaited Messiah, The Savior, The Christ. Pilate asked the question and heard the truth straight from Jesus’ mouth, yet he did nothing with it.

Secondly, Pilate straight up rejected clear evidence that Christ was innocent. Pilate investigated Jesus and came to the conclusion He was, in fact, an innocent man. Pilate found that he had committed no crime. Pilate seems to have realized that the one and only reason Jesus was on trial was the jealousy and hatred of other religious leaders, But Pilate rejected the truth.

Lastly, we see that Pilate gave in to pressure. Even though he heard the claims of Christ and knew He had done no wrong, Pilate was pressured to sentence a very innocent man to death, simply because of the influence of the crowd.

Pilate had an important decision to make. In his heart, I believe, He knew the truth, But he could not take a stand one way or the other. Instead, he asked the question many are asking even today:

What then shall I do with Jesus?

Many of us are like a bunch of little Pilates running around, wondering what we should do with Christ. Many of us refuse to accept Jesus as Lord. We have heard the truth, yet we reject it. Then, like Pilate, we worry too much about what the “crowd” thinks. We reject God's Son because we are afraid of what our friends might think about Him.

Pilate made the decision to go with the crowd and crucify Jesus. In verse 24 we read “ He took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person….”

Although he washed his hands, we can be sure that guilt remained. You see, we must take responsibility for the decisions we make, whether good or bad.

Many of us may very well know of Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross, but we can’t or won’t make a decision about Him as ourSavior.

Despite what we think, indecision is a decision. Making no decision for Christ, is making a decision about Christ.

We have two choices. We can reject Him. Or, we can accept Him. But we can't do both. We can be for Christ, or we can be against Him, but never both.

As Easter approaches, I would like to ask that if you have not made a decision for Christ, that you would right now. I do not believe anyone has ever regretted making the decision to follow Christ.

I want to ask a question,

What then will you do with Jesus?

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