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In the third chapter of the book of Acts, we read of a man who was lame since birth.

Everyday, he was carried to the gates of the Temple that was called Beautiful, to beg and plead for money.

On one particular day, Apostles Peter and John, about to enter the Temple, pass the man.

The man called out to them, asking for money.

Peter smiled at him and told him, " Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have, I give thee".

Peter didn't have any money to give the poor man, but he did have something much greater. Peter then kneels before him.

"In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazzerath, Rise up and Walk".

Immedialy the man's feet and ankels were restored, and he stood upon his legs for the very first time in his life.

And the very first thing he did on his newly restored legs, was enter into the Temple, and praise God for healing him.

This man was radically transformed, and he did not understand what has just happened to him or what it meant, And the very first thing he did was leap and jump and sing praises to God!

All the onlookers were amazed at what had happened to this once lame begger.

Perhaps the they saw the change in this man and his swift praise, and maybe they, too, Believed in the name of Jesus Christ.

When the people around you stop and watch you, what do they see? Will they find a disobedient and worldly person of the flesh? Or will they see a godly, obedient, praise-ready child of God?

Are you praising God today?


I encourage that you pick up your Bible and read the third chapter of Acts!

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