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The Shepherd

Well, Christmas is officially over and the new year has begun, and we are all faced with the bitter cold of the rest of winter- particularly January and February.

Slightly depressing, right?

Since I was little, I have always been sad about the closing of Christmas- all the presents have been given and opened, the feasts have been devoured, and even the lights and trees must come down.

But, as the old year closes and the new begins, we can trust that we have a guide to Shepherd us.

And He is found in both John 10, and the infamous Psalm 23-

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want;

He maketh me to lie down in

Green pastures:

He leadeth me beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul:

Sheep are completely and utterly dependent on their shepherd for protection, provision, and guidance. Sheep are known to be quite dull and brainless, and we as Christ’s own sheep, must be faithful and obedient, trusting him to lead us onward safely and steadily- ready to follow wherever he leads.

Only our Shepherd knows where to find the ‘green pastures’- a place of bounty and provision, and comfort from hardships. He alone is the one who knows where the ‘still waters’ are- somewhere far from turmoil, full of peace and tranquility.

When we allow God to guide and shepherd us, we say yes to refreshment and contentment. He says he will ‘refresh our souls’, and that's a promise he is going to keep all year round.

When we fall and hurt ourselves, he will bind up our wounds and heal all our hurts. When we run away and get lost, he will leave everything behindto bring us back home, because he leaves the ninety-nine to seek out the one who went astray.

As the song goes:

Take up thy cross and follow me

I heard my master say

“I gave my life to ransom thee

Surrender your all today.”

Wherever he leads, I'll go

Wherever he leads, I'll go

I'll follow my Christ who loves me so

Wherever he leads I'll go.

Are you ready to follow your shepherd wherever he leads? Are you ready to surrender it all to him today?

Friend, let him guide you not only through this new year, but for all the breaths and days of your life, and I assure you, He will never leave you.

For He is our Shepherd.

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