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The Coming King- Part three

The Everlasting Father.

So far, we have looked at two of the four names of Jesus in the Prophecy of Isaiah, ‘Wonderful Counselor’ ‘Mighty God’, and now we have arrived at ‘Everlasting Father’.

Here, some people can get tripped up.

“Wait,” you may say, “How can Baby Jesus be called a Father? And what about God the Father?” 

It is vital that we do not confuse the title given to Jesus, Everlasting Father, and his role as Son to the Father.

God the Father is father of all things- and at the same time, Jesus is equal to him, but not The Father.

Confusing right?

Jesus was given the title ‘Father’ to show that he would become the Father of Salvation- the finisher of the Redemption Plan God had created Him for- for the ultimate remisson of our sins.

Charles Spurgeon put it this way,

“The Connection of the word ‘father’ with the word ‘everlasting’ allows us very fairly to remark that our

Lord is as everlasting as the Father.” 

Everlasting can be translated to Eternal, and means, ‘ lasting or enduring through all time’.

This proves that as the Coming King, Jesus' reign will be eternal and lasting.

We see Jesus as truly eternal in this passage from Proverbs, which says,

“When he prepared the heavens I was there: 

when he set a compass

Upon the face of the depth,

When he established the clouds above: 

when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:

When he gave to the sea his decree,

that the waters should not pass his

commandment: when 

he appointed the foundations of the earth:

Then I was by him, as one 

Brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, 

rejoicing always before him.”


This is how close Jesus was with God the Father, he was ‘daily his delight, and was rejoicing always before him’.  Jesus was there with The Father at the very beginning, and even before.

 But this is also how much he loved us- in that he left the splendor of heaven and all its glory behind, all to come down to us in the flesh on that first Christmas morning.

There is peace in knowing that when we are born again, we can't lose him as our Father, and no matter how far we run, we can't lose our child status with our Father.

This is an illustration of God's vast and enduring Love, and that love is extended to you this Christmas.

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