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Slaying Giants

We are all burdened with Giants in our lives.

Tall, daunting, powerful figures that stand in our path, refusing to be conquered.

Let's call this Giant Fear.

Fear stands in your path, so big and strong it blocks the veiw of what lies ahead.

You cannot see anything, but Fear.

You are blinded by Fears’ manipulative attempts to deter you from your path.

“Just go home, God can’t use you.”

“Give up, God doesn’t care about you”

“You are nothing beyond a coward.”

Fear grins as you tremble.

You meekly whisper,

“Are you sure, God, that you can use me?”

But amongst your inner battle, another voice rises.

“Walk on, my Daughter. I will protect you, do not fear the people. I will give you a voice.”

Somehow, you feel God slowly take control.

His hand guides you along your path, past your fear.

So, the next time you have fear or doubt, but you feel God calling you, you just have to let your Faith take you somewhere your Fear has never been.


When I am afraid, I trust in you.

Psalms 56: 3-4

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