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Sand and Shells

Let me take you on a little trip; to the tranquil and serene beach.

The golden sun shines brightly, the breeze blows gently across your face, and the waves are almost melodious as you nearly fall asleep with your feet buried in the sand.

Sounds nice, right?

But do you notice the shells that line the shore, the shells that have been carried by the waves to you?

As you examine them, you will notice that everyone of them is broken.

There is not a whole one that you can see.

But they are polished and shiny.

They are beautiful.

If you look around the coastal shops, you will find all the beautiful creations the locals have made with those same broken shells.

Are you broken today?

Do you think that you are broken beyond repair, that there is no hope for you?

Well, this world will try all it can do to break you. And sometimes, it succeeds.

We as broken people cannot fix each other.

But God can.

And He can use you.

Have Faith, Little Flock. No one is ever to far gone to be used by God. He has a very long track record of using the most inadequate, unqualified people you can imagine.

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.

Psalms 18 : 23

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