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Playing with Shadows

I want you to do something.

Go stand in the sun.

Just trust me, Okay?

Now, you're in the sun.

Look for your shadow.

Do you see it?


Now, lift your hand.

Unless you have a bad shadow, your shadow should do the same.

Now I want you to run in circles around your yard.

I know, you probably think I am crazy.

"This girl has lost her ever-loving mind!" you say.

You may be asking, "What if my neighbors see me?"

It doesn't matter. Just run.

As you run, your shadow chases you. It follows you.

But without the sunlight, you couldn't see your shadow.

My story is this.

Jesus is our shadow.

There is nowhere that you can go, that He will not go to. If you run, he will too.

But we cannot see Jesus (shadow) without God (the sun).

The sun casts light so that we- sinful human beings who cannot reflect light- have shadows.

Because God gave us his son- Jesus- we have hope. If we believe, we can be saved and spend eternity in Glory.

Because of Jesus, we can each reflect the Light of God's glory- by spreading the word.

So, Little Flock, ask the Father for a light-reflecting heart.

And be a child of the Light.

For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye Light in the Lord: walk as Children of Light.

Ephesians 5:8

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