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Our Rescuer

Have you ever been under the water longer than you expected- struggling and fighting to break the surface and fill your lungs deeply and fully with the air your lungs burn for?

My greatest fear is water- it always has been.

No lie, my dreams are filled with surreal nightmares of large bodies of water and me sinking into the water's depths. I find myself searching, desperately seeking for something to save me from drowning.

As the time passes, and the longer you are under the water, your lungs begin to crave for air, and you become desperate to reach the surface and breathe in the freshness of it.

You need it.

No other thought crosses your mind beyond your own need of air- the desire overwhelms you as you flounder to the surface. You look for anything to save you, knowing that you only need air, and that nothing else will suffice.

At some point in our lives, we will reach this point.

It is at that moment in our lives that we finally realize our deep need and desire for Christ.

This is what “longing for Christ” means.

To feel unfulfilled and empty without him. It means that we know we desperately need Him, and Him alone. We yearn to be filled with his presence.

He alone can rescue you from drowning in the depths of your sin.

That thing you have been searching for, it’s Jesus. He wants us to be filled with nothing less than himself.

He is our Rescuer.

And Peter answered him and said, “Lord, if be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.”

And he said, “Come.” And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water to go to

Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid;

And beginning to sink, he cried saying, “Lord, save me!”

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hands, and caught him, and said to him,

“O thou of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?”

And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.

Matthew 14:28-32


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