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We all limp sometimes, each for various reasons.

Maybe our ankle has been sprained, or we are walking barefoot on rocks, or, perhaps our shoes just don’t fit quite right. 

In Genesis chapter 32, verses 22-32, we read about Jacob wrestling with God. God dislocated Jacob's hip, and then blessed him- changing his name to Israel.

Jacob’s wrestle caused him to limp, a constant reminder of God and his blessing. 

Charles Spurgeon said this:

“Slow are the steps of repentance, but swift are the feet of forgiveness. God can run when we can scarcely limp, and if we are limping towards him, he will run toward us.”

I love this quote because he is saying that no matter what we do, God will always welcome us swiftly with arms wide open, and maybe even bless us. 

Some days we may be barley hobbling, and we don’t feel worthy of God’s love.

But while limp, He is running to us.

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