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Jesus still shines

Yesterday, on April 8th, 2024, the world witnessed a partial solar eclipse of the sun. Where I live, we are not in the path of totality and we only saw a partial eclipse where about 82% of the sun's surface was covered.

As my sisters and I sat on the front porch waiting for the eclipse to happen, I found myself slightly disappointed that the sky darkened so little.

I mean, the sun has been hidden almost completely, yet it was still daylight out and only looked as if it were a very cloudy day. 

Although I knew we would not see the full thing exactly where we are, I had expected the sky to grow darker than usual and was anticipating the strange darkness that would occur at three o'clock in the daytime.

But it never happened.

No matter how long we watched and waited, the sky never darkened to a terribly strange shade. Even though the sun was now covered over eighty percent of the way, the sun still shone.

And that is when a thought struck me.

This eclipse is not a scientific wonder and phenomenal occurrence that happens by chance; no, this is a reminder.

A reminder that no matter what, no matter how much darkness we try to cover the sun with, the sun will still persist in shining.


Because it is under God’s command, not human expectation or scientific calculation.

In this world, it may often look dire and dark for the Christian. At times the darkness may be overwhelming and we may feel like it threatens to consume us entirely. But we can rest assured that the sun (Jesus) will still shine through, no matter how the world (the devil) tries to choke it out. 

Jesus has already conquered the darkness of sin that the devil has draped over the world, and in the end, Jesus still shines.


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

-John 1:5

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