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Honey and Locusts

In the Bible we read of John the Baptist living in the wilderness, 'making straight the way of the Lord'.

He was a rebel, a wildman- an enemy and foe to the Roman government.

We also read that while he was preaching the Good News, that God provided him with food and clothing.

In Matthew 3:4, it tells us that he wore Camel's hair and a thick leather belt.

As you can imagine, I'm sure the tunic made of camel hair was not all that comfortable- rough and hot in the desert sun.

But God provided.

Next it says that he ate Locusts and Honey.

Many of us can't imagine eating a bug, let alone these large grasshopper type things.

While the Honey was sticky, sweet, and delicious- Locusts were large, crunchy, utterly disgusting and overall hard to swallow.

Through life, we will find that God often calls us to do things that are uncomfortable, unfair, and hard to swallow.

But if we are faithful and pursue his glory-bound will, we will be given a sweet reward.

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