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In Acts 26, We read of Paul being on trial for becoming a Christian.

The Jews could not believe that the man who had once persucuted the Christians, now proclaimed to be one himself. Paul had been preaching for many days in Ephesus, Macedonia, Greece and even into Jerusalem.

(Please feel free to read the scripture with this blog.)

We find Paul in the middle of the Roman Empire- a declining Empire on the brink of Collapse.

Paul was brought first before Felix the Governor- who was later replaced by Porcius Fetus.

Festus held Paul in Prison until King Agrippa arrived in Caesarea, who put Paul on Trial.

"Thou are permitted to speak for thyself", Agrippa says, his voice of authority fillling the court.

Paul began his defense by testifying his upbringing as a Pharisee.

"And now I stand and am judged for the hope of the promise of God unto our Fathers", Paul said.

He went on to tell them of his conversion and vision on the road to Damascus.

"Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come: That Christ should suffer, and that he should be the first that should rise from the dead, and should show light unto the people, and to the Gentiles", Paul declared.

"Paul," Festus called with a loud voice, "Thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad."

To which Paul replied, "I am not mad, most noble Festus; but speak forth the words of truth and soberness".

And King Agrippa stood.

"Paul, Almost thou persaudest me to be a Christian."

I wonder what almost persuaded King Agrippa to commit to Christ? And what stoppeed him?

Paul replied, " I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both alsmost, and altogether such as I am, except these bonds." What Paul is meaning here, is that he wishes that not only King Agrippa, but eveyone there, would believe in Christ.

The defenition of almost, is this: 'Very nearly but not entirely or exactly'.

Does this describe you?

Are you almost persuaded to become a Christian?

Are you almost persuaded to surrender your life to Christ, but not entirely?

Are you almost persuaded to believe, but not quite?

I encourage, as best as I know how, to surrender your life to Christ.

Let Him in and accept his free gift. Let him change your life.

Are you almost Persuaded?

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Ashley Crissone
Ashley Crissone
Oct 02, 2023
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