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Seasoned with salt.

Remember how Jesus told us we are the 'salt of the earth'?

What did he mean by salt?

If you look in Webster's dictionary on salt, you will find a long, confusing definition of the common mineral. But, you will also find four main things that salt can do.

it Treats

This can mean treating a wound- which burns!!!- with salt water, cleansing all cuts, wounds, sores and skin irritations of any kind.

We, Jesus says, are to treat people. We are to be kind to them, wipe their tears and treat their wounds.

it Seasons

It can be used on food, making your dinner more flavorful and enjoyable. We should strive everyday to season someone's life with the goodness and kindness of God, adding flavor to their lives.

it Preserves

For many years, salt has been the key source for preservation- preserving meats, fish, and various canned goods.

God has trusted us with his word, with His plan of redemption- and we are to preserve it and share it with generations to come.

it Enriches

And lastly, salt enriches. Not only does it add flavor, it improves and enriches in value and/or quality.

As Christians, we are not supposed to be constant and qualified people-pleasers, we are only supposed to enrich the lives of others by sharing with them the love and grace of our Father.

As followers of Christ, we are compelled and called to be living preservators of His story while sharing His Message with passion and Flavor.

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